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The Ultimate Muscle-Building Pack!

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    The Ultimate Muscle-Building Pack

    The road to getting in shape and reaching our goals is a long and tough one. You have to make sure that you workout regularly in order to build muscle in addition to minding what you put into your bodies. Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for those seeking to improve their bodies.

    Thankfully, now you don’t have to worry about carefully monitoring your diet and getting the nutrients you need. We’ve put together the best muscle building products available in order to help you to reach your goals faster! You’ll find yourself building more muscle, losing more weight, and getting stronger and stronger.

      Time To Stop Reading, And Start Doing!
    • Loaded With The Highest Quality Protein Sources
    • Uses Powerful, All-Natural Creatine Sources
    • Achieve Greater, More Powerful Workouts That Yield Results
    • Improves Your Muscle Strength, Endurance, And Power
    • Speeds Up Muscle Recovery By Cutting Recovery Time In Half

    Everything You Want In A Protein

    Protein is the major building block to muscle. Bodybuilders today rely heavily on protein powders in order to build the muscle they need without excess calories. Unfortunately, most the protein supplements you’ll find on the market today are loaded with useless ingredients such as fillers, preservatives as well as low quality protein. Myotein is a high quality protein powder that uses the purest forms of protein available today to make sure that you achieve the results that you want. Myotein uses powerful time release technology to ensure that your body is constantly getting the protein it needs.

    • Promotes Healthier Body Composition
    • Improves Protein Absoprtion
    • Mixes Easily, and Tastes Amazing

    Proven Creatine For Proven Results

    Made to fit the needs of athletes specifically, Decacor is a powerful creatine supplement that supplies your body with the highest quality creatine from all-natural sources. This supplement gets its power from 10 powerful creatine sources. This supplement uses clinically proven ingredients in conjunction with fast-absorption technology.

    • Gives Your Workouts Improved Energy
    • Boosts Your Lean Muscle and Strength Gains
    • Amplifies Mental Focus And Performance

    Maximize Energy, Power, And Stamina

    Seasoned bodybuilders know that workout plateaus are both dreaded and common. Sometimes in order to burst through these workout lulls, extra help is necessary. OxyPump was created for just that reason! OxyPump was made for just that reason! OxyPump’s powerful vitamin blend helps your body get the nutrients it needs to continually progress to ensure that you’re always improving yourself so you can reach your goals faster than ever before!

    • Ultra-Concentrated Formula With Zero Fillers
    • Saturates Muscles To Ensure Intense Workotus
    • Maximizes Energy And Intensity For Results

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    Myotein’s Ingredients

    Decacor’s Ingredients

    OxyPump’s Ingredients

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size:  2 Scoops

    Servings Per Container:  26


    Amount Per Serving












    Total Carbohydrates




    *Daily Value (DV) not established


    The Ultimate Muscle Pack provides three top-rated, muscle-enhancing products to help you on your path to strong, lean muscle gains and a cut physique. The Ultimate Muscle Pack includes Decacor, OxyPump, and Myotein.


    Decacor- Add 1 rounded teaspoon of Decacor to 8-12 ounces cold water or fruit juice. Loading Phase (Days 1-4): Take 1 rounded teaspoon of Decacor with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and 1 rounded teaspoon before bed. Maintenance Phase: Take 1 rounded teaspoon of Decacor with a meal or immediately after training with a post-workout protein shake.

    OxyPump- Mix one scoop with 4-8 ounces of cold water. To maximize workouts, take one serving of OxyPump 30-45 minutes before workouts. Start with just one scoop to assess tolerance. The ideal serving is anywhere from 1-3 scoops. Do not exceed 3 scoops in 24 hours. Do not use OxyPump for more than 5 out of every 7 days.

    Myotein- Mix 2 scoops of Myoteine with 8-12 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage. For a richer flavor, mix Myotein with low-fat or non-fat milk.


    These products should not be taken by anyone under the age 18, or by women who are pregnant or nursing. Consult your doctor prior to taking any of the products in the Ultimate Muscle Pack to ensure they are right for you and your lifestyle.

    Q: What is the Ultimate Muscle Pack?

    A: The Ultimate Muscle Pack is comprised of 3 powerful, mucle building supplements: Decacor, OxyPump, and Myotein. Together these 3 top products will help you achieve strong, lean muscle gains and a lean body composition.

    Q: Who Should Use The Ultimate Muscle Pack?

    A: The Ultimate Muscle Pack products were designed for anyone who wants to increase muscle size and strength. Let the Ultimate Muscle Pack help you get one step closer to a rock-solid body.

    Q: Do I Need to Exercise to Get the Benefits of the Ultimate Muscle Pack?

    A: Yes! To achieve the best results, the Ultimate Muscle Pack should be used as part of a healthy diet and regular exercise program.

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